An Excerpt from “Thriving Together”

Polygny is a practice approved of by Allāh,and it can not be overruled by the personal desire of any human .In fact bearing in mind that it’s a Divine ordainment for men should help a true Muslimah to submit to the decree of Allāh.This is the period to exercise patience and bear the pain with total reliance on Allāh.
Yes it’s easier said than done.but remember that I have been there’ and I write based on personal experience.Its normal to be hurt .It is okay to cry .But remember to hold on to the rope of Allāh.
Tell Allāh. “Here I am a submissive servant of yours.A promise to do it for your sake!
I promise to accept her for ur sake !
My living and my death are solely for you O Allāh help me to be firm, submissive and grant me steadfastness I am about to take on a huge task so help me ,O Allāh
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